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What´s on this week at Harmony House

Sat 25th Jan from 7:30-9:00pm
English seminar
"Spiritual Courage"
by Ioanna Vasiliadou

Throughout our lives, we are faced with challenges that require us to face them with courage and we did that most of the times. However, let me check from the outcome if I really used my courage to bring about newness and benefit myself.  Did my action of courage inspire those around me to change positively in their attitude towards life also?
Ioanna has been practicing Raja Yoga meditation for close to 20 years.  She is a teacher at a local International school and in her spare time conducts Hath yoga classes.
This Saturday, let us explore with Ioanna the difference between spiritual courage and the ordinary type!
 Sun, 26th Jan from 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Evening Meditation 

Sat, 1st Feb from 7:30 - 9:00 pm
English Seminar
"Being Spiritual 24/7"
by Viannie Chua

Spirituality is not only about being spiritual during specific times in the day or on a specific day of the week.  Its a full time job!  Spirituality is about leading a life that is full of authenticity and one filled with core values; in tune with one's surroundings, connections and relationships at every moment.  The result of which is that one responds and not reacts to life; stays positive, happy and peaceful instead of succumbing to the negativity and the mundane.

Viannie has been practising Raja Yoga meditation for 8 years and has lived and worked in USA, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia and China. She will share her experiences on how she uses her spiritual practice to balance her daily life in today's corporate world.

All programs, unless specified are held at Harmony House, Kuwait:

Harmony House Meditation Centre
Villa 3, Block 5
Shaheen Al Ghanim Street Shara 59
Rumaithiya, Kuwait
T: +965-2565 4062
E: hh@hhmeditation.org

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