domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Ahmadi Music Group presnet Acis and Galatea

Ahmadi Music Group and Kuwait School of Dance


Acis and Galatea, by G.F. Haendel

On 18 February and 20 February 2014, at 7.00 pm, Ahmadi Music Group and Kuwait School of Dance will present Haendel's pastoral classic, Acis and Galatea.  With full orchestra, international soloists, the AMG Choir, and the Kuwait School of Dance Senior Performing Company, the production will tell the classic story of the honest shepherd, Acis, who falls desperately in love with the enchanting Galatea, Queen of the Water Nymphs.  Galatea's beauty has also attracted the attention of the fearsome one-eyed monster-giant Polyphemus, and Acis resolves to fight him for Galatea's hand.  How can a simple shepherd fight this monster?  Will Galatea choose the simple young Shepherd or the great might and wealth of Polyphemus?

Please go to www.ahmadimusicgroup.comand click to buy tickets on-line.  For questions or information, please or call our ticket line 6618 4192.

See you there!»

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