lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

Spring Bazeer 5th April 2014

KTAA Spring Bazaar 2014
at Historic Beit Al Sadu 

          Saturday the 5th of April 
from 10:00am to 5:00pm

Original Designs, Quilts, Bags,
Table Linens, Silks,
Designer Jewelry, Shawls,
Crochet, Hand Embroidery, and lots More!

  Make It a Date! 
Mark your Calendar Now!

On the Gulf Road next to 
the National Museum and the National Library 
Kuwait City

domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Tribute to Paco de Lucia (2nd post)

The tribute to Paco de Lucia I talked you about last week was a complete success. A small group of flamenco lovers born in Kuwait delight us with a small recital. We had a very nice time thanks to the organization Diwaniya España and the Spanish Embassy in Kuwait

El homenaje a Paco de Lucía por parte de la Diwaniya España y la Embajada de España en Kuwait fue un éxito total. Un grupo de Kuwaities amantes del flamenco nos deleitaron con un mini concierto.


César González-Bueno new CEO in Gulf Bank

El nuevo Sheriff de Gulf Bank es mas ibérico que el jamón. Ole Ole y Ole por el producto español.
Bienvenido a Kuwait César González-Bueno.

Get your bread at Geant in 360mall

Superfan of the bread section of Giant in 360mall. I love every loaf they offer, baguettes are 150fils.

Súper fan de la panadería del Giant de 360mall. Me encanta todo, el pan esta riquísimo y una baguette cuesta 150fils. 

VillaUno 2nd part

Villa UNO es una feria de venta de ropa y accesorios que se celebró la semana pasada en el 360 mall en la sala de actos y celebraciones de la planta principal. No supe de ello hasta estar allí y me acerqué a ver de que se trataba y vi cosas ideales. Los vestidos que se usan en ramadám cada vez me gustan mas pero no me veo usándolos, algún día me daré el capricho, ya veréis.
Bueno pues os adelanto que del martes 1 al jueves 3 ofrecen la segunda parte de esta feria, en el mismo lugar y de 10am a 10pm. Ya me contaréis si vais porque yo tengo que coger un avión esta noche y me lo voy a perder.
Tienen cuenta de Instagram que como ya sabéis es el modo de comunicación mas extendido aquí. Anota; @villauno

The second part for VillaUno in 360mall will begin this tuesday 1 until thursday 3 from 10am to 10pm. A new opportunity to enjoy your shopping.

Estos collares para copiar porque cuestan un pastón.

CAP March 2014 Schedule

Opening reception: 9/4/2014 (7:00 – 9:00pm)
Exhibition dates: 10/4/2014 – 19/4/2014
Contemporary Art  Platform / The Art Room

My First Solo show / 30 Days 3 artists, is a project presenting young emerging Kuwaiti artists for their first solo exhibition at The Art Room gallery, one of Contemporary Art Platform’s exhibition spaces. This project gives an opportunity for 3 young artists every year to show their work for 10 days within a reflective artistic community supported by CAP Kuwait. The first artist in this project is Mohammed Al Kouh who uses an original approach towards taking his audience back to the time when stories were passed on between generations through hand colored black and white photographs. The exhibition titled "Tomorrow's Past" serves as a catalyst to experiencing a specific Kuwaiti nostalgia to a past where this place was known as the pearl of the Gulf.

In the photography of Al Kouh, the work focuses on landmarks reflecting an almost forgotten Kuwaiti landscape as well as whispers of stories told between generations as though they are dreams from a parallel reality. The photographs commemorate past buildings in a futuristic composition of a glorious past of the architecture of Kuwait.  Al Kouh’s photographs embark on a powerful journey into a time that refuses to be limited to just a memory of the past, but however still insist on existing as a deeper present reality. Al Kouh’s work takes viewers back to a time where buildings in Kuwait were the landmark of this “Pearl of the Gulf” city and where stories were told as if each word is a pearl of an infinite necklace. click here to read more.
Opening reception: 23/4/2014 (7:00 - 9:00 pm)
Exhibition dates: 24/4/2014  - 15/6/2014  
Contemporary Art Platform / Exhibition Space

Project conceived by : Hayfa Aljishi - Founder of Al Bareh Gallery 
Book Published by Al Bareh Art Gallery - Bahrain 
Curated in Kuwait by : Abed Al Kadiri 

These works, many of which had never been exhibited before, presents an alternate view of the artist’s entire career, not only as a traveler between cultures and epochs, but as re-interpreter of the meaning of visual culture in general: He attempts to re-locate sensorial experience elsewhere than with the pure colors that characterize the postmodern, hereby searching in the black, for a warmer place where his book of art and life meets the viewer.   

Applying a traditional technique acquired from European print-makers from earlier centuries, Khalil’s etchings on black represent with vividness all his pictorial periods, from the early student days investigating modern art through his numerous travels, the experiments with abstract figures, and ultimately renditions of tributes to modern music and classical painting. Withdrawing from the visual field, the artist is opening the possibility of entering the world with an altogether different morphology, causing apparently unrelated elements to collide into each other and emerge as distinct syntactic compositions. A precise amalgamation between folkloric elements and handicraft, and the timeless quality of art history, give birth to composite worlds with life of their own.

Mohammed Omar Khalil has been both a pioneer and role model in print-making throughout the region, and one of the most important living artists working on the format that he has as well taught in prestigious American universities, such as Columbia and the Parsons School of Design at the New School. Staying away from the minimal and abstract that shaped his generation, the artist has developed a grammar of his own, excavating surfaces of consciousness and presenting them as narrative sequences in snapshots that might be arranged differently each time we observe them. The fifty years encompassed in this exhibition are by no means a composite whole more than they are the traces and coded signals of a fertile career, nowhere finished and still on the search for new groundbreaking paths.

The artist is one of the distinguished artistic practitioners of the Middle East, having pioneered not only printmaking but conceptual drawing and different styles in painting interweaving contemporary ideas with classical techniques and the use of ready-mades and crass-objects. Born in Burri, Sudan, in 1936, studied at the School of Fine and Applied Arts in Khartoum, Sudan, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Since 1967, he has lived and worked in New York. His work has been showcased in important venues all over the world, including the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, Kunsthalle Darmstadt in Germany, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum, both in New York City.


Book Launch: 2/4/2014 (7:00 - 9:00 pm)
Talk & Presentation by Mai Al Nakib: (7:30 - 8:10 pm)
Contemporary Art Platform / The Art Room
Signed copies will be available

Contemporary Art Platform and Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation invite you to celebrate the launch of The Hidden Light of Objects Mai Al-Nakib’s first collection of short stories. 

The headlines tell of war, unrest, and religious clashes.  But if you look beyond them you may see another side of life in the Middle East—adolescent love, yearnings for independence, the fragility of marriage, pain of the most quotidian kind. Mai Al-Nakib’s short stories carefully trace overlooked moments in the lives of those who reside in this fraught region of the world— and the power of objects to hold extraordinary memories.  Mai Al-Nakib is Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Kuwait University.  

     OPEN CALL      
Per | Form 
40 Days Intensive Workshop
Program Dates : 10/4/2014 - 20/5/2014 
Project led by: Mo Reda 

Selected artists will share a studio space at CAP with the curator and each other for the duration of the program. Through meetings and seminars, artists will work towards researching the performance and Dramatic arts in the classical /historical sense as well as the modern and contemporary expressions of performance related arts and the cross over between fine art, contemporary dance and theater. For this project artists are encouraged to research Kuwait’s rich history in Performance and theater arts and to write their own concept in order to implement it into a performance / public intervention or a HAPPENING.
Participants will work individually and in a group to create solo and group performances, acts and an exhibition and learn about the curatorial, organizational and theatrical aspects of shows and exhibition, and receive intensive mentoring/coaching from the curator and guest mentors through a dynamic process.

Project Program: Curator talk and presentation of project, seminars on dramatic arts and contemporary performance arts, Workshops in writing a performance and dramaturgy techniques, Workshops in how to researching and conceptualize before producing art works, Workshops in the public intervention acts and how to present your self as a sculpture / art work in the public space, Collective and individual mentoring and coaching from Curator /Director, Collective meeting for reflection and support, Gallery visits and film screenings. 

Guest mentors and speakers: Hasan Hujairi  - Musicologist and performance artist, Neil Van der Linden – Co founder Gulf Art Guide, Freddy Dewe Mathews – conceptual / performance  artist

Application deadline  05 / 04 / 2014
For more information about the workshop and Mo Reda click here 
For registrations contact : info@capkuwait .com or 
      FILM SCREENING        

We are happy to continue our CAP free film screenings this month with Lowave art film collection titled 'Human Frames' which presents works of video art and experimental cinema from 99 European and Asian contemporary artists who put in perspective 10 moods such as happiness, desire, madness, fanaticism, fear, anger, isolation, melancholy and the Asian concepts of mono no aware and impermanence. In addition each screening will be followed by an optional open discussion! 


“Seeya in elektrik dreamz” By Nelson Yeo, Singapore. 2011
About the film:  This volume presents five contemporary works from Asia and Europe that reflect on the permanent becoming and changing of all beings and the concomitant ephemerality of human existence. The films invite us to look back in order to move forward. Featuring: Gerard Cairaschi, Nelson Yeo, Nose Chan, Christopher Lau, Bin Chuen Choi, and Ashish Avikunthak. Time: 7:00 pm / Duration: 80 min     

Oh Torment (Wa waila)” By Monira Al Qadiri, Kuwait. 2008
About the film: This volume presents nine contemporary works from Asia and Europe that arouse our curiosity of other cultural interpretations of melancholy. The films invite us to revisit the things we once considered familiar, to look at them from a different perspective, and ultimately, to subject our own cultural system of scrutiny. Featuring: Marylene Negro, Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, Tony Wu, George Hsin, Yuki Kawamura, Monira Al Qadiri, Matthias Groebel, Kazumi Kanemaki, Vaughan Pilikian, and Fabio Scacchioli. Time: 7:00 pm / Duration: 64 min

ABANDON: A complete surrender to natural impulses, freedom from inhibitions, restraint, concern or worry. 
ABANDON is an experimental workshop that utilizes Dance, Art and Yoga as pathways to inspire freedom, discovery, and connection to the body. Building strength and flexibility opens a door to our body’s natural expressions. The workshop will focus on breath, gravity, yoga asana, improvisation, and both stillness and movement using creative choreography and gesture drawing. Bring a lightheart, curiosity and a willingness to explore. 

Deena Qabazard is a Kuwaiti visual artist who was born and raised in the States. She threads art, dance and yoga to experiment with the physical/mental capabilities of the human body; a main topic explored in her artwork. Qabazard holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from The Evergreen State College in Washington State, additionally a certified Hatha Yoga teacher trained by The Yoga One Studios in California, where she also taught yoga and dance.  

For more information and registration contact: or 



lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

200.000 visitas desde Marzo 2011

Muchas gracias seguidores por estos tres años de pasión.
200.000 visitas es un montón. Gracias Gracias Gracias

Thank you very much for this three years of following the blog.
200.000 visit are a big bunch of visits. Thank you!!!

sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

New Marks & Spencer in Mubarak Street

Marks & Spencer has changed it´s location. The new building, such as space ship, is in Salem Al Mubarak street right across the Missoni Hotel houses the new M&S. The concept is the same but with a couple of changes; the supermarket is smaller and there is a large cafeteria. Good Luch M&S! 

La tienda Marks & Spencer cambia de ubicación en la misma calle pero en la especie de nave espacial situada al lado del hotel Missoni. La tienda es muy bonita, la ropa la misma (a temporal, demasiado clásica para mi gusto pero con la mejor calidad de ropa interior del mercado Kuwaiti) El supermercado mas pequeño pero con cafetería/restaurante y panadería!!!!

Review Pizzaeria Amami

Hoy para comer Pizza en Amami, en el Symphony Mall en Salmiya en el segundo piso, sobre la cafetería. La pizza y calzone muy rica y la pasta también. Prueba Superada!

Today for lunch pizza at Amami in Symphony Mall, second floor. Pizza, calzone and pasta very good. Totally recomended!


Calzone with mushrooms and cheese.

Stuffed with spinach and ricotte, delicious.


Chocolates VALOR en Kuwait

More Spanish Products in Kuwait. Today I found in my coop in Rumaithiya the famous and delicious brand Chocolate Valor. Darck pure choco, darck with orange, sugar free and milk chocolate, prices are between 700 and 800 fils.

Mas productos españoles en Kuwait para hacernos la vida mas agradable.
Chocolates Valor; sin azúcar, negro, negro con naranja y con leche.
Los he encontrado en la cooperativa de Rumaithiya, el precio ronda los 800fils por paquete. Gracias por traernos cosas como esta, gracias a los fabricantes y a los Kuwaities que apuestan por productos de calidad y que saben que nos gustan a los españoles. Gracias!!!

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Kuwait desde el aire | Over Kuwait

Fotografías tomadas por Bruno Goitiandía Sola con su Nokia Lumia 920

Dining in Kuwait City

Siempre tras la noticia, tras las tendencias, tras los últimos sitios de moda..... jajaja así soy yo.
Ayer tras visitar a unos amigos a media tarde y tomar unos refrescos con ellos, fuimos a cenar al restaurante tailandés  UBON en Kuwait City. Era la primera vez que íbamos así que tardamos un poco en localizar el restaurante y cual fue nuestra sorpresa al descubrir un grupo de 4 restaurantes de moda que te hacían sentir como si estuvieras en pleno NYC rodeada de maravillosos edificios iluminados y modernos restaurantes. Bueno, eso un poco soñando porque el edificio donde nos encontrábamos si es chulo y moderno ( el de la compañía Emirates, Oman Air y Max) pero el que teníamos justo enfrente data de antes de la guerra, al menos...... a ese hay que borrarlo del mapa YA!
En la misma calle hay un restaurante de carne argentina RIO, un japonés OISHI, un italiano TRIANGLE y un tailandes UBON.

La comida estuvo rica pero nos pareció un poco cara para lo que comimos, los zumos naturales ricos, la temperatura de anoche formidable así que muy bien. Os lo recomiendo.

jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Homenaje a Paco de Lucía Marzo 2014

La Embajada de España en Kuwait y Diwaniya España te invitan a un homenaje al recientemente fallecido Paco de Lucía el próximo jueves 27 de Marzo de 2014 a las 7pm en Bait Lothan.

The Spanish Embassy in Kuwait and Diwaniya España invites you to tribute the spanish guitarrist Paco de Lucia at Bait Lothan on the 27th of March at 7pm.

Kyu care Beauty Saloon

Al fin he tenido suerte con la peluquería en Kuwait. Después de mi ataque de locura por cortarme el flequillo en la terrible peluquería del barrio, mira que sabia que no lo iban a hacer bien pero para allá me fui, he probado hoy la peluquería de la argentina Fátima Liñéiro.

Fátima, junto a su socia Kuwaiti,  es la dueña de Kyu.Care Beauty Saloon, lleva treinta años en Kuwait y habla el árabe perfectamente con lo que comunicarte con las peluqueras no se convierte en tarea imposible. Le cuentas a ella lo que quieras y ella se lo traduce a Soraya, una de las peluqueras, tunecina con un inglés regular así que fantástico tener a Fátima cerca. 
El local es enorme con todo tipo de salas para que nos dejemos cuidar; masajes, depilación, mani-pedi, zona VIP para las que no quieren ser vistas, baño marroquí donde te dejan la piel como la de un niño y un montón de tratamientos para dejarte querer.
Los precios son muy buenos, tinte de media cabeza (solo raices) 20kd, corte 10kd y blow dry( o sea peinado) 9kd para mi largo y con el 15% de descuento por la primera visita me ha salido muy bien de precio.
La manicura y pedicura completa 10kd, Selac (manicura semipermanente) 8kd.
Además el local está limpísimo, una agradable señorita te ofrece u té o un café al llegar y se respira un ambiente muy agradable. 
Por todo esto; "PRUEBA SUPERADA" ya tengo peluquería en Kuwait para ir de vez en cuando.
Zona de maquillaje

Zona de Manicura y Pedicura

Sala de operaciones, jajajaja; zona de corte y secado.

Imprime o enseña desde tu mobil este voucher para tener un 15% de dto.
 y no olvides decir que lo viste en "Diario de un sidecar" 

Aquí tienes la lista de precios para que no haya sorpresas.

Kyu.Care esta en Hamad Al Mubarak st. en un edificio nuevo blanco y gris con la farmacia Tarek debajo.

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Fursa & Breakfast & Brunch

Aburrida estaba yo esta mañana sin plan alguno y sabiendo que a las 11am tenía que estar de vuelta al colegio. Mi dilema discurría por diferentes avatares; irme a casa, llamar a alguien, desayunar sola, paseo hasta Kuwait City.....???? En esto me ha llamado un buen amigo que hacía tiempo que no veía y le he convidado a acompañarme a desayunar a Breakfast & Brunch en Salem al Mubarak, al lado del Marina Mall.
La carta es muy completa, el servicio agradable, los precios razonables y el lugar una monada.
Resulta que la dueña se ha animado con una tienda de moda, Fursa, al ladito y nos hemos dado una vuelta, ambos haciendo tiempo para ir al colegio a por nuestros hijos.




Estas tiendas están en el parking lateral del Marina Mall al lado del café Teatro, el 7 Bars y otros. Para que te orientes, en la fachada de Marina Mall se ve la entrada exterior a la tienda The One. Recuerdo que la primera vez que fui lo hice con mi amiga Eva que ya no vive por estos lares, besitos Eva y familia.