domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Kim Kardashian coming to Kuwait | Kim Kardashian viene a Kuwait

En esta semana la celebrity Kim Kardashian viene a Kuwait, no sé si a inaugurar una tienda, quizá la fase nueva del Avenues, a negociar la apertura de una tienda con su linea de ropa/perfumes o que sé yo a que viene esta señora. Supongo que le habrán avisado de que va el rollo aquí en Kuwait aunque viendo lo visto parece libanesa así que no tendrá ningún otro problema que quitarse a los moscardones que no han visto una tía como esta en su vida.
Kim, no cuentes conmigo para ir a verte, tengo cosas que hacer.
In this days the "good for nothing" star Kim Kardashian is coming to Kuwait, I dont know what she is going to do, maybe open one of the new shops in the Avenues mall, look for a location for his own shop or whatever her marketing department might think is business for her. I think I wont be able to see her, I am busy this days, but stay tunned because if I discover something more I will let you know.
Viene (creo que el 30 de noviembre) a una cena en el Avenues en el restaurante Le Notre Paris y se venden entradas para ir a cenar con ella aunque la web esta censurada, glups, sorry fans! Y también parece que viene a inaugurar una tienda de batidos!!!
She is hosting a dinner at Le Notre Paris in the Avenues (I think the 30 of November), tickets are sold in a web page that has been censored. Glups, sorry fans! And I´ve heard that she is coming for the opening of a milkshakes shop in the Avenues.

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  1. She did that in Dubai mall too, Thousands of Milkshake was the name of this tiny shop with just not especially good milkshakes filled with calories. Why anyone would want to see her is a mystery to me? Perhaps they want to see her famous boyfriend, whose name I've forgotten, an African-American rapper with sunglasses even indoors.

  2. Sure she is coming for the milk shakes, i saw it yesterday and not yet opened.
    Thanks for posting and being there. Lots of kiss to the girls

  3. Surprising that such a "lady", so fond of exhibiting her body, intimacy and flirts, is allowed to visit Kuwait when so many have tried -and have managed sometimes- to impose their morals on a plural society like this one. Who is behind this milkshake shop?


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