lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Healthy food in Kuwait brought by @healthyshopq8

I´ve been willing to talk you about the spanish products arriving to Kuwait for weeks. Were stuck in "Baladiya" pending on the approval by the ministry of health that checks on every product that should be suitable for consumption by musslim. Halal food.

The Kuwaiti company Healthy Shoh (@healthyshopq8 in Instagram) brings a big variety of products by the brands; Grefusa, Alsur, Carretilla and Bicentury all wellknown companys that are committed to heathy food and makes a special discount of a 20% off from the prices on Sultan Center, Saveco, Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket and some coops where you can find them for telephone orders on a minimum order of 5kd.

ALSUR is the product of the Spanish vegetable garden, bathed by the sun of Spain and watered by our wonderful rivers get the best quality food possible. The roasted peppers, artichokes, whole potatoes and cooked, any product means quality ALSUR CLICK HERE FOR THE PRICE LIST

Snatt´s by Grefusa are perfect for your kids lunch bag or your snack for work, forget about chocolates, shawarmas or other stuff and start eating healthy choices. This are low calories and delicious at the same time. CLICK HERE FOR THE PRICE LIST.

Bicentury products are a classic in Spain because this are super healthy. Bicentury helps you to keep on a diet, are made with non-transgenic corn, no dyes and / or preservatives and are low in fat. Perfect for school and office. At home we take this snacks between meals and put them in my children´s backpack for school.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PRICE LIST

Carretilla is another Spanish food products company and offers in Kuwait his famous ready to eat meals; paella, fideua, mushrooms, Ratatuile vegetables .... ready to heat in the frying pan or microwave. Full of vitamins and taste this is our traditional cuisine. Now that summer is approaching and all we leave many husbands alone on vacation what better than leaving in the fridge a few boxes of pre-cooked dishes with a expiration of more than 6 months ..... you rock! your husband will say!! 
For example, a serving of paella are 456kcal, rich, healthy and low calorie. What do you think? PRICE LIST CLICK HERE

Order by phone with Hamza on the nuber 96 00 12 90 and you´ll have a 20% discount on the price in supermarkets and they will deliver at home (cash) for orders over 5kD. Click here to view the list of prices. (in the third column, starting at the end, this price in store, then the 20% discount and finally a price for being my blog reader, SAY IT!!!!)


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