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CAP March 2014 News letter

Contemporary Art Platform is pleased to share with you its newsletter of exhibitions and events for March 2014:

Opening reception: 12/3/2014 (7:00 - 9:00 pm)
Exhibition dates: 13/3/2014  - 17/4/2014  
Contemporary Art Platform / Exhibition Space

Curatorial Team: Masasam. Mónica Santos & Sandra Maunac
Project conceived by : Olivia Snaije & Mitchell Albert

In this exhibition, five photographers look at the wall in unexpected ways. Their views decipher the wall, circumvent it; even shift it, imparting it with another presence in order to resist it. Taysir Batniji, Rula Halawani, Raeda Saadeh, Steve Sabella, and Kai Wiedenhöfer visually interpret the wall in its complexity and its violence, real and symbolic. With acuity of vision, their multiple viewpoints, which transcend the wall’s simple physical presence, question the economic, geographical, social and cultural consequences of the wall. Whether they are exploring the layers and textures of a wall in Gaza, closed gates around Jerusalem or using the wall in a dream-like setting, the photographers open a space here for debate. Click here to see the online catalog

The Wall : Presentation and Talk
Date and time: 13/3/2014 - 7:00pm

Mónica Santos
Sandra Maunac
Kai Wiendenhofer
Rula Halawani
Waleed Abu Ghazaleh

The speakers will discuss works from the exhibition and followed by with an open Q & A session on the  "Keep your Eye on The Wall" project and book . The talk highlights Waleed Abu Ghazaleh's explanation about his book "Love Wins - Palestinian Perseverance Behind Walls" The book will be on sale during the opening night of the exhibition and the talk. proceeds from the book will be sent to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund ( and the Palestinian Culture Center. For more information about "Love Wins" click her : 

Opening reception: 12/3/2014 (7:00 – 9:00pm)
Exhibition dates: 
13/3/2014 – 2/4/2014
Contemporary Art  Platform / The Design Room
Inspired by the famous Maxell ‘Blown Away’ advertising campaign of the 1980s, MAXell works with the principles of movement and motion to design for comfort, function, and mood. AlHamad creates a framed space within which the piece's modular qualities can be tailored for the user, allowing them to express their loyalty with every seating.  Once settled, the user is placed in a position of uninterrupted control, ready to relax and relish, because “It’s worth it.” 


Exhibition and Magazine Launch / First Issue

Opening reception:
 5/3/2014 - (7:00 - 9:00pm) / Two days event
Contemporary Art Platform / Exhibition space

Arch.ive: /är.kīv/ (v.) The act of accumulating, preserving, and publishing architectural designs.  
Contemporary Art Platform is pleased to host "Arch.ive" an extremely creative initiative of the students at the college of Architecture Kuwait UniversityThe event will release the first issue of Arch.ive. The yearly publication is developed as means of showcasing the studio works of the students, from the beginning of the Fall Semester to the end of the Spring Semester. The Arch.ive objective is simple: to conserve and promote the works of Kuwait's future designers through a medium that is accessible to anyone interested in architecture.

Exhibition and Book Launch (2nd issue)
Opening reception 12/3/14 (6:00 - 9:00pm) / One day event
Contemporary Art Platform /  The Art Room

In collaboration with Select, Contemporary Art Platform invites you to celebrate Select's second issue "The Spaces". The exhibition highlights the work of a selection of established and emerging Kuwaiti architects and designers. The book aims to deliver to the public a directory and guide to the portfolio of creative figures from this country, featuring the following names: Aziz Al Qatami, Naser Madouh, Bibi Al Ghanim, Hosam Al Rushaid, Bader Al Mansour, Hsa Al Sabah, Ranya Al Mutawa, Aziz Al Humaidhi, Noorah Hadeed, Farah Al Humaidhi, Bashar Al Salem, Alia Al Ghunaim, Ghanem Shehab, Nasser Abulhasan from AGi and Loulwa Al Radwan. 


March 16th 2014 / MADNESS

Madness is part of the art film collection HUMAN FRAMES HUMAN FRAMES which focuses on psychological states such as Desire, Madness, Fanaticism, Fear, Anger, Isolation, Melancholy, Mono no aware and Impermanence. Gripping a perceptive hyper-reality, this volume presents ten artists from Asia and Europe who plunge us into ecstatic visions, hallucinatory images and psychological malfunctioning.  Featuring : Yoko Fukushima, Margarida Paiva, Virgil Widrich, Adel Abidin, Yeonjeong Kim, Nhu Nguyen, Jan Verbeek, Triny Prada, Carl Stevenson &Quentin BriereBordier. Time: 7:00 pm / Duration: 74 min

March 30th2014 / FEAR

Fear is part of the art film collection HUMAN FRAMES that explores psychological states such as Desire, Madness, Fanaticism, Fear, Anger, Isolation, Melancholy, Mono no aware and Impermanence. This volume presents nine contemporary works from Asia and Europe that illustrate our body’s instinctive mechanism in the face of danger. Through various cinematographic means, the artists remind us just how much fear is expressed throught language, images, and montage. Featuring: Patricia Reinhart, SionJeong, Sunjha Kim, Sylvia Schedelbauer, David Cotterell, Guli Silberstein, Larissa Sansour, Arnaud Delord, O Zhang &Choi. Time: 7:00 pm Duration: 65 min


ABANDON: A complete surrender to natural impulses, freedom from inhibitions, restraint, concern or worry. 
ABANDON is an experimental workshop that utilizes Dance, Art and Yoga as pathways to inspire freedom, discovery, and connection to the body. Building strength and flexibility opens a door to our body’s natural expressions. The workshop will focus on breath, gravity, yoga asana, improvisation, and both stillness and movement using creative choreography and gesture drawing. Bring a lightheart, curiosity and a willingness to explore. 

Deena Qabazard is a Kuwaiti visual artist who was born and raised in the States. She threads art, dance and yoga to experiment with the physical/mental capabilities of the human body; a main topic explored in her artwork. Qabazard holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from The Evergreen State College in Washington State, additionally a certified Hatha Yoga teacher trained by The Yoga One Studios in California, where she also taught yoga and dance.  

For registration please contact:

50 YEARS OF PRINT MAKINGExhibition and Book Launch 
Opening reception: 23/4/2014 (7:00 - 9:00pm)Exhibition dates: 24/4/2014 - 23/6/2014Contemporary Art Platform / Exhibition space
Project Conceived by: Hayfa Al Jishi Book Published by Al Bareh Art Gallery - Bahrain 
Mohammad Omer Khalil is one of the distinguished art practitioners of the Middle East. He is a pioneer not only in print-making but also in abstract drawing and in wide ranges of painting that interweave contemporary ideas through the use of classical techniques with ready-made and crass-objects. Born in Burri, Sudan, in 1936, Mohammed Omar Khalil studied at the School of Fine and Applied Arts in Khartoum, Sudan, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Since 1967, he has lived and worked in New York. His work has been showcased in important venues all over the world, including the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, Kunsthalle Darmstadt in Germany, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum, both in New York City.




Entradas populares de este blog

Al Mubarakiya Souq of Kuwait City

Ayer estuvimos cenando en el Souq y como por la mañana nos dimos una vueltilla por la zona pués ahora lo miro con mejores ojos. Fuimos a cenar con Lola y Joaquín y familia ( en las fotos de mi segunda visita a la Gran Mezquita tenéis imagenes de ellos) Y pude sacar unas fotos, no muchas ya que no les gusta y menos si van vestidos de árabes. Pero entre alguna que robé disimuladamente y otras que me dieron permiso puedo mostraros un poquito mas del SOUQ de KUWAIT CITY.

Yesterday we went to taken dinner to the souq in Kuwait City with our neighbours. I couldnt take much good photographs because they dont like it much. So my appologise for the bad quality in someones. I can show you now a little bit more of the KUWAIT CITY SOUQ.  

Saveco hace tus sueños realidad. COLA CAO

Por estas cosas del azar y un chivatazo hemos descubierto en SAVECO nuestro querido COLA CAO. Yo me lo traigo en la maleta cada año, suelo venir con dos paquetes de 1,700kg temiendo que estallen dentro de la maleta así que no sabéis que alegría me ha dado. He comprado 4 botes, demasiado lo sé, pero es que así tengo stock por una larga temporada que en este país los suministros no son regulares. Me ha parecido increíblemente barato 0,690 fils o sea unos 1, 50€. Yo creo que en España es mas barato. También hemos encontrado un buen surtido de galletas Cuetara que estaban con precio especial así que si eres fan de estos dos productos típicos corre a por ellos antes de que se agoten.
Perdón por la calidad de las fotos, la cámara me está fallando.

Todas las marcas de agua a domicilio.

Lo escuché por la radio (RKFM, que otra radio si no, con AKI & Friends) y luego lo vi en y no pude evitar probarlo. Una empresa que despacha todo tipo de aguas.

Todos sabemos lo engorroso que es comprar agua, pesa mucho y no dura nada en casa, así que si una empresa se ofrece a traértelo ¿como decir no?
Hace años compraba el agua del norte de Kuwait Rawdatain pero cada vez que tenía que pedir me ponía nerviosa porque el despachador no hablaba ni un poco de inglés y solo dar las indicaciones de como llegar a casa ya era una odisea. Dejamos de hacerlo, así que ahora cada tres semanas aproximadamente cargamos el coche con garrafones de agua y los almacenamos en casa. Son 17 litros, somos 5 en casa y uno de estos nos dura como mucho 3 días.... un horror para la espalda pero te puedo asegurar que en casa estamos hidratados. No solo es esa el agua que compramos, también botellas de litro y medio para casa y de medio litro para el colegio.
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