martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

Back to the classics, hehehe, ABBA by Ahmadi Music Group

Ladies and gents,

Ahmadi Musiic Group brings you the ABBA sing-along concert on 25 26 27 May in Mishref Theatre, with the Messila Beach Blues Band, and various special guest artists.  It's time to let your inner rock-chick or your inner club-stud back out for just one night!  So don't delay, the theatre is small and tickets are moving fast already.  Go or call 6618 4192.

Nerd note:  Please use Knet if possible to avoid making a trip to our office in Adan.  A quirk in our software interface means that after a Knet purchase, you will see an empty shopping cart page, and your confirmation might not arrive for 12 hours.  Don't let it worry you...

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