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Café MEK en L´Occitane Promenade

Hola a todas mis maravillosas lectoras. El próximo lunes 25 de abril a las 10 de la mañana en el mall de Hawally Promenade nos reuniremos las mujeres de MEK para conocer los productos de la marca L´Occitane.
Entre otras cosas durante la visita haremos lo siguiente:
- análisis de tu piel para descubrir el tipo de piel que tienes y ver que posibles problemas puedes tener y como pueden ayudarte.
- masaje de manos
- descubre la fragancia que mejor te va
- haz tu centro floral 
- desayuno

Lo único que tienes que hacer es mandarme un mensaje con tu reserva porque solo hay 15 plazas, o por el blog o por FB  de MEK o por FB de Españoles en Kuwait.

Interesting facts about L’Occitane 

  1. Every line in L’Occitane has a true story  

  1. L’Occitane was the first beauty company to put braille on their labels. 
After meeting a customer who was blind in one of his stores and was intently smelling each fragrance to figure out which to buy, L’Occitane founder Olivier Baussan wanted to find a way to make shopping easier for the blind, and back in 1996 began adding braille to some of the packages. Now, almost all of the company’s labels have braille. 
  1. L’Occitane buys Shea Butter directly from 15,000 rural women in Burkina Faso  
  1. A tube of Shea Butter Hand Cream is sold every 3 seconds somewhere around the world. 
  1. L’Occitane is the world leader in fine lavender production, buying 400 tons of lavender essential oil every year. (Most brands use the more easily grown Lavendin, a heartier plant that is actually a hybrid that can grow at lower altitudes. Fine lavender can only grow at 500 to 1,500 meters (or about 1,600 feet to 5,000 feet). 

  1. Each product is actually tested on real human skinL’Occitane works with plastic surgeons in hospitals to use real human skin for product testing. They are able to use it for up to 72 hours to decide the efficacy of each product that is being tested. 

  1. L’Occitane uses the Immortelle flower in their most popular skincare range 
The Immortelle flower has the unique property of not fading after being picked (it maintains its shape and condition) with remarkable anti-aging properties. 
In order to maintain the supply of Immortelle and quality of its essential oils, L’Occitane created a large-scale immortelle plantation, covering 50 hectares, in Corsica, using organic farming methods and working with a total of 6 growers/distillers who are committed to working with L’OCCITANE over the long term. . Quality and traceability can be guaranteed, from the harvesting to the distillation of the flower 

  1. The Immortelle Divine cream is the highest rated miracle cream according to the Beauty Bible, containing the most important : 

  • Immortelle essential oil -Boosts collagen production and is a powerful anti-oxidant) 
  • Myrtle essential oil - Increases levels of SIRT-1 protein in the skin and speeds up cell renewal 
  • Vitamin C- Brightening the complexion and reducing pigmentation 
  • Omega oils and plant fatty acids 

  1. Since sheep don’t like the taste of the immortelle flower, farmers let them graze and “clean up” the fields – they naturally clean out any other wild plants and simply leave the immortelle, used in the anti-aging L’Occitane lines, which allows the immortelle to grow without the need for pesticides. 

  1. Everything in the store comes from France 
L'Occitane wants every customer to feel transported to Provence from the moment they walk into every retail store, no matter where you are in the world. Every wall unit, floor tiles, and decorative pieces are flown in from Provence. 

  1. Olivier Baussan founded L’Occitane after someone donated a soap factory with its equipment. Because of thisHe has always wanted to give back in everything he does.  

  1. L’Occitane established a foundation that creates projects to support two main causes: 

  • Women entrepreneurship It supports the acquisition of basic skills and knowledge by supporting literacy programs; it provides financial and technical support thanks to microcredit programs and trainings for the development of income-generating activities; and it promotes entrepreneurial actions and allows scaling up with support for the creation and development of small businesses. 
  • Vision Impairment ( fighting avoidable blindness)  

  1. L'OCCITANE en Provence is recognized by the UN as an exemplary business for its action in Burkina Faso  
  • A product is considered "natural" when it contains ingredients that are sourced from nature rather than created synthetically. Synthetic chemicals are produced through laboratory manipulation and are not found in nature, though it is possible to create synthetic versions of natural ingredients (such as Vitamin E.) Natural products generally don't include ingredients like petrochemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes and synthetic colors. 
  • The main distinction between natural and organic beauty products is that organic ingredients must pass more rigorous standards of purity. In order to be organic, an ingredient must have been derived without the use of synthetic pesticides, petroleum fertilizers or sewage sludge fertilizers, and it must not be a genetically modified organism (GMO.) 
  • Organic:"The use of the word organic is actually highly regulated, and legally means a brand or ingredient has been certified by the USDA. You should see an accompanying logo that confirms this; If you do see the logo, it means that said ingredient (or almost 100% of the ingredients in an organic product) have been grown and processed under a very strict code of cleanliness, with no pesticides or fertilizers, and absolutely no genetically modified organisms."  In L’Occitane, this is the case for Shea Butter, Lavnder sanitizing gel, Shea lip balm. 


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Al Mubarakiya Souq of Kuwait City

Ayer estuvimos cenando en el Souq y como por la mañana nos dimos una vueltilla por la zona pués ahora lo miro con mejores ojos. Fuimos a cenar con Lola y Joaquín y familia ( en las fotos de mi segunda visita a la Gran Mezquita tenéis imagenes de ellos) Y pude sacar unas fotos, no muchas ya que no les gusta y menos si van vestidos de árabes. Pero entre alguna que robé disimuladamente y otras que me dieron permiso puedo mostraros un poquito mas del SOUQ de KUWAIT CITY.

Yesterday we went to taken dinner to the souq in Kuwait City with our neighbours. I couldnt take much good photographs because they dont like it much. So my appologise for the bad quality in someones. I can show you now a little bit more of the KUWAIT CITY SOUQ.  

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