martes, 3 de marzo de 2015

KIngdom of Bahrain with Ghadeer and Fay Part 2

After visiting the National Museum of the Kingdom of Bahrain, that I already told you that it is incredible, we went to one of the most nicest restaurants we have been in this visit. It's called "Villa Mama" and it belongs to a Bahraini lady that cooks the typical food of her country with a twist of modernity. The place was crowded and luckily we contacted her through her Instagram account @villamama and we were able to book a table. The food was delicious!!! too sugary the juices ,next time mafi sugar! and incredible cakes. Another "must" in your visit to Bahrain but the pity is that it is a little far from everything. Some extra tips, expensive and dry restaurant * no alcohol.

 Villa Mama, with its cosy decoration and fantastic food

After that we needed a break and we rested at the hotel that has fantastic views of the sunset and the we got ready for "La Fontain" a splendid old building for multipurpose. A Gallery, a spa, many ballrooms for different events and a fantastic restaurant. The food was not my favorite but the ambience was fantastic for a dinner date with friends.

La Fontaine, nice place for a visit and a romantic dinner.

Masso, impossible with out booking
Woke up in the morning, light breakfast and quick visit to the supermarket in the Amwaj area for some pork/souvenirs. Very good prices, by the way.
Brunch at "Masso" the coolest place in Bahrain. Only weekends for brunch but breakfast, lunch and dinners everyday of the week. Don't forget to make a reservation if you are a big group. The food was also amazing, the place nicely decorated and clean, the service incredibly good educated (didnt hear one single sir/madam) and all you can eat or drink included (I took Champain all over the meal)
And after that quickly to the airport, my Gulf Air plane was waiting for me.
Last thing, I can not say enough times thank you to my dear Ghadeer that invited me to have this wonderful experience, she was not only my friend but also the best guide in the city. I will never be able to thank you enough. Also many kisses to lovely Fay who made the weekend a peaceful experience. She is full of all this calm that I have a lack of. I love you both.

The three of us! Love you girls!!

Beach at Art Rotana Hotel

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