lunes, 2 de marzo de 2015

Kingdom of Bahrain with Ghadeer and Fay Part 1

Bahrain here we go!

Last weekend was holiday in Kuwait, National and Liberation Day... Not much to do but sit at home watching tv o playing video games with the kids, thats why when Ghadeer invited me to go for a quick break to Bahrain I couldnt say no.

We stayed at the new hotel Art Rotana at Amwaj Island, not far from the airport. The hotel is new and its a fantastic place to go with family and Friends. It has a long beach and two Swimming pools to enjoy during the day (the time for the daylight is the same as in Kuwait, by 5.45 pm it starts to get dark).

The hotel has a bar where you can take some drinks but be aware because it was full of Saudis and other nationalities and its just a lounge, not a place where to celebrate parties. The rooms are big and comfortable and breakfast ok!, I always eat the same in this places, my Brown toasts with olive oil, but if you love salad, eggs or sweets there you´ll find everything.

Street art Adliya
The first day we decided to go to the Adliya área, cool área full of nice restaurants, I´ve heard that a Kuwaiti guy living in Bahrain owns all the area and he really did a good work. There is art every where and a good spot where to charge batteries. We stoped at Café Italia. Nice, clean, good food and good drinks but a Little expensive. after that we went to Al Muharrak, the souk of Bahrain to take a look at the old constructions, a couple of nice places and a tea at a classic in the souq, and then some beers at the restaurant mall just infront of our hotel.... Back for a rest because we needed it.
Street Adliya

Cafetería and Gallery in Adliya

Yes, We love Bahrain!

Early breakfast (toast and coffee) at the hotel and a must in your visit to Bahrain: one of their old forts that was renovated a couple of years ago and of course the National Museum, fantastic Building in a super big área infront of the sea.

Arad Fort

National Museum Kingdom of Bahrain.

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