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Visiting Thuraya Al-Baqsami

Lo se, estoy horrible. Pero no hay segundas oportunidades.
Yesterday I was so lucky! Mr friend Layla invited me to visit Miss Thuraya Al-Baqsami´s house. She loves her work, such as me, and wanted to look at her latest paintings. It was quite an experience. 
She is one of the most talented painters in Kuwait and her work follows her all over the countries she has visited due to her husband´s work as a diplomat. Rusia, Egypt, India, Africa.... All the inspíration this countries gave her are drawn in her pictures.  
I was really tempted with a couple of them that I will share with you. 
Her next exhibition will be on March 2016, we are looking forward to see her new work.

Do you like my choice? 
I didn't buy them..... saving for universities.....

Feminism is her main topic.

Collection of awards, well known as a poetry writer too. I got her book!!!

By the way, I love this kind of gifts related to local culture!


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Al Mubarakiya Souq of Kuwait City

Ayer estuvimos cenando en el Souq y como por la mañana nos dimos una vueltilla por la zona pués ahora lo miro con mejores ojos. Fuimos a cenar con Lola y Joaquín y familia ( en las fotos de mi segunda visita a la Gran Mezquita tenéis imagenes de ellos) Y pude sacar unas fotos, no muchas ya que no les gusta y menos si van vestidos de árabes. Pero entre alguna que robé disimuladamente y otras que me dieron permiso puedo mostraros un poquito mas del SOUQ de KUWAIT CITY.

Yesterday we went to taken dinner to the souq in Kuwait City with our neighbours. I couldnt take much good photographs because they dont like it much. So my appologise for the bad quality in someones. I can show you now a little bit more of the KUWAIT CITY SOUQ.  

Eventos en Al Shaheed Park

Evento musical en Al Shaheed Park para el viernes 9 de diciembre. A la venta ya las entradas aquí por 3kd

Evento musical en el anfiteatro de Alshaheed Park el 13 de Diciembre 2016. Entradas disponibles aquí por 5kd.

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