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Ivan Ibañez, Doctor Español especialista en Nutricion.Ejercicio Físico-Medicina Preventiva y Anti-Aging en KUWAIT

I would like to announce the arrival of our new visiting doctor, from Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Ivan Ibáñez Garcia will be visiting from February 19th - 25th.  Doctor Ivan has extensive experience in the fields of Antiaging, Regenerative, Preventative, and Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Physiology. He runs his own Antiaging medical center in Barcelona the Longevity Center ( and is Founding Director and Professor of the Masters in Antiaging Medicine and Longevity program at IL-3 and the University of Barcelona ( He is mainly focused on the study of metabolism, fat reduction and sports performance. Dr. Ivan helps people who may have been struggling with their weight for years to reach their optimal health and wellness and maintain a healthy weight for life.

As the population in Kuwait is one of the heaviest with the highest rates of Diabetes in the world I thought your readers might be interested to know of the latest scientific methods to lose weight and restore their health. I would love a chance to introduce you to Dr. Ivan if that is something that you may be interested in. I have added a brief synopsis of his main treatments below for your perusal.

During the consultation with Dr. Ivan,  blood and body composition, hormonal and metabolic levels and nutrient utilization and other parameters such as aerobic and anaerobic thresholds are studied. A fully individualized wellness plan including sports / exercise activity, nutrition and supplements will be created for the patient to achieve optimum body composition, health and fitness levels and sports performance. It is especially important to perform these studies in patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease to design a comprehensive nutrition and exercise program that improves their quality of life and their life expectancy.

Obesity Treatment

The goal is optimal loss of body fat while maintaining muscle mass, bone density, and immune status.

Dr. Ivan Garcia is an expert in the treatment of patients who are overweight or obese. He treats both children and adults with the “Ibáñez Metabolic Method.” For successful treatment of excess weight, knowledge of the individual’s metabolism is essential. Some people metabolize or burn fats or carbohydrates better, and vice versa. For example, some people following a low fat diet may sometimes gain weight, while others lose. Since each person has a different metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, they must follow different nutritional eating plans. By studying the metabolism at rest and during exercise, an individualized nutrition and exercise plan can be created.

Optimization of Sports Performance

The goal is to enhance athletic performance and reach fitness goals safely.

This treatment is aimed at any athlete who performs physical exercise of moderate to high intensity, or any classified as elite athletes.  Tests like metabolic studies at rest and in motion, stress test, and blood studies will be performed to assess cardiovascular function, nutrient utilization, body composition, and muscle fatigue which may indicate over training. A full report with the best sports nutrition guidelines for the individual will be generated to enhance athletic performance. In case of inactivity due to injury, a specialized nutrition plan will be devised to keep metabolism, maintain muscle mass and prevent weight gain, expediting the return to training and competition.

Sport Performance Tracking and Control

The goal is ongoing monitoring of athletic performance.

This service is based on regular check-ups to monitor body composition and performance, or to modify nutritional / supplement guidelines when workout routines change or there are variations in the training objectives.


1)  Consultation:                                                    KD 40

This consultation includes a physical examination and body composition analysis.

2)  Metabolic Study:                                              KD 230
This includes consultation & physical examination, basal metabolic rate study, pulse     oximetry, body composition analysis,  complete report, diet & supplementation prescription programme. This package will provide a complete personalized diet.

3)  Stress Test I:                                                      KD 130

     (Cardiovascular Stress Test without Metabolic Study)

This includes consultation & physical examination, pulse oximetry, body composition analysis, basal and exercise ECG, complete report, general diet, supplementation & exercise prescription program. This package provides a complete cardiovascular check-up.

 4)  Stress Test II:                                                     KD 180

       (Cardio-respiratory Stress Test with Metabolic Study)

This includes consultation & physical examination, pulse oximetry, body composition analysis, basal and exercise ECG, complete report, general diet, supplementation recommendations, completely individualized exercise prescription program. This package provides a complete cardiovascular check-up.

5)  Basal Metabolic Study & Metabolic Stress Test:            KD 340

      (Complete Study of Physiology)

This includes consultation & physical examination, pulse oximetry, body composition analysis, basal metabolic rate study, basal and exercise ECG, complete report, diet, supplementation and exercise prescription program. This package provides a completely individualized diet and exercise prescription programme.

*Please note packages do not include laboratory tests; basic blood studies will be ordered separately.

To call for appointments it is 2227-4800 /01/02/03 anytime from 9am-9pm. We have appointments available every day until 9pm on Monday February 24th. Emoji


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